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Try the 4 Day Soup Detox Plan

Do you need a jump start to get started on a healthy eating path?

Want to detox from eating junk food and start feeling better?

All it takes is 4 days to get a jump on things, no starving, no counting calories, no need to even think about what is ok to eat and not.

No crazy lemon drinks, no powdery shakes or pills to take, no bad tasting foods that are hard to get down. If you're feeling hungry you eat!

I will prepare everything you need for the entire 4 days of this detox plan, with clear instructions of what you can eat and drink each day. I also provide guidelines to continue the detox for a full 7 days to slowly add back proteins and grains into your diet.

If you don't stray from the diet, you can loose from 3-6lbs in first 4 days & up to 10lbs in 7 days. You'll feel ready to continue on a healthy eating path. This plan is designed for detox of unhealthy eating and restore energy in the body. Results based on myself, my husband and other friends and family.

Pricing Pricing

4 Day Detox

One Person $300

Two People $400

All Organic, add $60 per person

Price includes EVERYTHING: Planning, Groceries, Containers & Preparation of all food needed for 4 days. This diet is full of fresh fruits, veggies and dairy.

If you're interested the entire 7 day diet being prepared, please contact me.

Let me help you on your second phase with a healthy eating plan. Visit the "Pricing of Services" page for weekly meal plans.

Can be purchased as a gift certificate

To get started, fill out an online questionnaire and/or contact me at:
BellyfulMeals@mail.com / 619-749-1783

What you'll get... What you'll get...

- Diet consists of vegetable soup, fruits, vegetables, dairy and several beverage choices

- Freshly made soup enough for the entire 4 days

- All fruits and veggies prepared in containers ready to eat, labeled and listed what days to eat

- A complete list of what foods and beverages you can have each day

- All groceries & containers are included

- Tips and guidelines to continue the detox for a full 7 days to slowly add back proteins & grains

- Possible 3-6lbs lost in first 4 days & up to 10lbs in 7 days

How It Works
I will prepare and cook everything you need for your 4 days of detox in your home.

The plan consists of eating "THE SOUP" everyday, as much as you want, along with other fresh foods such as fruits, veggies and dairy. You even get to enjoy a big baked potato with butter on Day 2. Protein and grains will slowly be added back in the full 7 days if you choose to follow the entire weeks detox.

The soup is a broth based soup filled with tons of fresh veggies. It can be made spicy!

This entire diet is Vegetarian and can be made Vegan.

You are allowed to have certain drinks, not just to include water. No alcohol is allowed on the diet

If you're hungry just eat more soup!

Does it work???
  My husband and I went on this diet after our return from a cruise in October 2010 and both lost 10 lbs each in the full 7 day process. I believe we lost the most amount because we were overly eating on the cruise and put on a bit extra because of this. Another time we did this diet we only lost 5 lbs, but we had already been eating healthy right before we did this. Other friends and family who have done this have also had similar results, never did anyone loose less than 3 lbs or more than 10lbs, assuming they stuck with the diet. This is the only detox and/or diet that I've been able to do without cheating or quitting early. The 4 day diet is also an easy quick thing to do, anyone can make it 4 days and it's a quick way to just reboot your system and get it working a little better than before.

Here are the exact results last time I did this diet
The day before:
Ate eggs, bacon & toast for breakfast, chicken enchiladas for lunch and burger king for dinner, indulged in several oatmeal cookies. Felt tired and fat.
Day 1: Ate breakfast until I felt full, went to work, felt a little low energy in the middle of the day, but rebounded after eating more in the late afternoon. I ate until I was full and snacked the entire rest of the night on soup and fruit. It's always the hardest day because you're changing from eating "like a normal person" to fresh fruits and veggies.
Day 2: Lost 3 lbs. Had a great night sleep, woke up with energy. Had lots of energy throughout the entire day. Ate when was hungry all day.
Day 3: Lost 2 lbs. Had another great night sleep, woke up with energy, happy that I didn't have to go to work today. Worried I would want to eat cookies. I liked drinking flavored coffee and skim milk to relieve that little need for sweet or smell of sweet.
Day 4: Lost 1 lb. Had a good sleep, woke up feeling refreshed, had energy. I never craved a banana so much, they tasted sooo good today.
Day 5: Lost no weight. Woke up feeling as I normally do. I ate chicken and beef today, all tasted so good. This is what I was really craving today, felt very well nourished, had a good day, I went shopping!
Day 6: Lost 1 lb. Pretty much the same feelings as Day 5, felt good, food tasted really good.
Day 7: Lost no weight. Woke up feeling good. Excited to have lost weight and was the last day of the detox. I can't lie that I was a bit sick of the soup since it had been hot out these last couple days and was the last thing on my mind. Brown rice was very yummy today.
Final Results: Lost 7 lbs total. Made it through, very happy with the results. I hoped to loose some weight, diminish my craving for sweets, reduce my need for large portion sizes and hamburgers! This detox really helped me to achieve all these things.

  I am not a dietician, nutritionist or doctor. This is not my original diet. I have altered the diet, based from other "Soup" diets, to fit what has worked best for me, and to taste better. I have followed this exact detox diet several times, along with friends and family and each time everyone has seen results.

This is a low calorie diet that contains loads of vegetables everyday. You are never to starve yourself on the diet, you are actually encouraged to eat as much as you want, whenever you are hungry.

This detox diet should only be done once over a two week period, and never repeated back to back. It is actually beneficial to return to "normal" eating for at least a week in between.

No alcohol is allowed on the detox

This diet is designed for detox of unhealthy eating, restore energy in the body and help as a start to a new healthy eating path. Results may vary, I am not proving any of the results that are listed. I am not selling the diet, I am just preparing meals for the week based on this detox diet. All statements above are true to my knowledge.

  To get started, fill out an online questionnaire and/or contact me at: BellyfulMeals@mail.com / 619-749-1783

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