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These are just some of my favorite sites, click on each link to find out more!
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Bellyful Meals BLOG

Read my rants & raves about local restaurants, kitchen gear, cool ideas, recipes, anything food!

Bellyful Meals Pinterest

All things yummy, healthy and indulgent. Mostly food related, but some kid & craft stuff too!

Kitchen Related Links


Sign up for emails, you get some great ideas everyday. Great for a foodie!


Fun tips, tricks, and videos on healthy and no so healthy yummy treats. I get a blast to my email daily.

Pure Wow

You'll find some interesting tips & tricks you've never thought of or just some really cool food. Sign up for daily emails.

Martha Stewart

She knows it all, sign up for the "Everyday food" emails, get some great everyday food ideas. I always check her recipes first when it comes to baking.

Food Network

The best place to find top chef recipes, also a big fan of watching chef shows and "The Next Food Network Star."


A great recipe search list for gourmet ideas.

Rachael Ray

Great inspiration and easy meals for the home cook.

Sur La Table

I love this store! I can spend hours in there! Disappointed they downsized the store in Vegas, but the one in Carlsbad is big and fun.

Biggest Little Kitchen Store

You can find just about any kitchen tool here, even hard to find items!

Julie's Favorite Links


"Saving Tigers One by One" - Another great organization I donate to. You can adopt a Big Cat for only $30 that helps to feed them. We adopted "Kahil" a Golden Tabby Bengal Tiger and "8-Ball" a Black Asian Leopard.


Local Wine Events - A great site to find local wine tasting events. I've always wanted to attend a wine and chocolate tasting!


This company sells images of microscopic beverages. They are the most interesting things to look at and have images printed on several must have items. Always a great place to get a gift. Read more about them on my blog.


How to Taste Chocolate - Chocolate is one of my favorite things to enjoy, read how you can enjoy it too!


Local Hikes around San Diego - A very easy and informative site to find local hiking trails and others across the country.


Island Dog Inc. - One of the many organizations I contribute to. I have always had a place in my heart for helping animals.


Ellen DeGeneres - My favorite person to make me laugh!


Jelly Belly - One of the best factory tours I’ve ever been on, great for the kid in you!


Funny Cat Videos - Being a cat person, this site always has something new to make you laugh!


Great Photography Tips - I have been photographing food, family and travel for over 10 years now. Here’s a informative site for beginning and advanced photographers.


"Top 50 Things to do in Detroit" - Growing up in Michigan will always stay apart of me. #38 was always a family favorite!

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