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1. Does anyone have food allergies/sensitivities, or any health concerns/conditions that affect your diet?
2. What did you eat for dinner this past week?
3. What are your favorite foods and ingredients?
4. What foods and ingredients do you dislike?
5. Do you like to eat hearty portions or portion controlled?
6. Do you enjoy specific types of cuisine (Mexican, Italian, Indian, Thai, etc...)?
7. Are you sensitive to spicy/hot foods, or enjoy them? If so, what level on scale of 1-10?
8. Do you prefer organic ingredients, even though this tends to raise the grocery bill? (Specifiy produce only, produce & meats, or everything including canned/boxed goods)
9. How do you want your meals packaged? Individually, Family style, or both?
10. How do you prefer to reheat your meals? Microwave, Oven, Grill or all?
11. Are you ok with me using nonstick cookware?
12. What type of meal service are you interested in, and how often?
13. Which type of meals do you prefer, with the ability to mix and match? Protein/Veggie/Starch, Soup/Salad, Vegetarian, additional Appetizers & Desserts?
14. What type of containers do you prefer? (Use your own, Plastic containers, Glass/Pyrex)
15. What days & times are best for me to prepare food in your kitchen?
16. Is it ok to send you the menu to be approved by email?
17. What do you hope to get out of having a Personal Chef Service?
18. What area in San Diego do you live? *
19. What is your prefered method of contact? (Email/Phone - please include)

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