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Serving San Diego Since 2006
*Personal Chef Service "A Weeks Worth of Meals"
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What is a Personal Chef?
From the comfort of your kitchen I'll prepare a personalized in-home meal service, up to 5 different entrees per week all cooked on one day. I will customize a menu for you each week based on your personal tastes, shop for groceries, come to your home kitchen to prepare meals, and package dishes in the refrigerator and freezer for your later enjoyment.

Don't worry about having the right pots and pans, I bring everything I need! Results from your "Client Questionnaire" will help me to tailor a menu to your likes and dislikes, as well as accommodating dietary restrictions and other specialty needs. I work with every client to fit any size family and eating style. The meals can be packaged individually for portion control, packaged family style, or a combination of both.

There are many types of plans from a one-time visit to a monthly/weekly schedule. Visit the "Pricing of Services" page to see what type of plan will fit your family best. Feel free to call or email with any questions.
619-749-1783 / BellyfulMeals@mail.com

How it Works!
When you decide to try a meal service, fill out a "Client Questionnaire" online and contact me. I will have an email or phone consultation with you to go over the client questionnaire, any questions and customize your menu.

I will email you a confirmation of the menu prior to the cooking day, I can design the menu each service, or you can tell me exactly what you want. Client approval of the menu and schedule will be a confirmation of service. On the day of cooking, I will shop for your ingredients (or sometimes the day before), and go to your home kitchen to prepare the meals for storage. I often shop at several stores to find you the freshest ingredients to produce the best tasting dishes.

Payment is expected by Cash, Check, Venmo, or Zelle, on the day of service.

A Personal Chef Service Can Be A Good Fit For Anyone
Have no time to plan and shop for daily meals, tired of dining out, and desire a more healthy eating lifestyle? It's a great fit for singles and couples to large families, working parents, seniors, pregnant/new mothers, or if you just don't like to cook! A Personal Chef Meal Service can free up extra time to spend with family or work, while helping to balance busy schedules.

Most Choose the 5x4 Basic Meal Service
This includes 5 separate main dishes, 4 servings of each, a total of 20 meals. Meals can be made for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will customize your menu to you and your families' needs and specifications, or you can tell me exactly what you want. Vegetarian, Vegan and other dietary restrictive options available, and different size plans. Organic is available upon request.

The Price Includes...
Customized menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, package and labeling, heating directions, and kitchen cleanup. This price does not include groceries; clients will reimburse the chef for amount equal to the grocery bill.

What is the Difference Between a PERSONAL Chef and a PRIVATE Chef?
A Personal Chef prepares several meals on one day, for storage in the refrigerator/freezer, ready for a quick heat for breakfast/lunch and/or dinner throughout the week.

A Private Chef comes to your home kitchen to prepare a special dinner and service on one evening, or creates a party spread for you and your guests in your home. A private chef may also work for one family on a daily basis, preparing and serving food for several meals. If you're interested in having a Private Chef, visit the "Dinner Party/Private Chef" page for more information and pricing. If you're looking for a daily Private chef I might also be able to recommend some other chefs to you who specialize in this service.

  Fill out the "Client Questionnaire" or Contact Chef Julie directly for further information. 619-749-1783 / bellyfulmeals@mail.com

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